• Conveyor Bearings for Conveyors
    CB14 Conveyor Ball Bearings

    Reduce Conveyor Noise with
    the Kilian CB-14 Bearings

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  • Featured News Automotive Powertrain
    Innovation Spotlight

    Custom Kilian Bearing and Detent Design
    Solutions Provide Reliable Performance
    in Automotive Powertrain Applications

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    Automotive Powertrain Bearings
  • Seating System Bearing
    Customized Roller Bearing Assembly
    For Minivan Folding Seats

    Kilian created a unique bearing to fit into a
    folding seat assembly that allows the second
    and third-row seats to be folded flat into the floor.

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    Seating System Bearing
  • Custom Roller Bearing Assemblies
    for CNC Cutting Tables

    A leading manufacturer of CNC burn tables
    needed a more cost-effective replacement
    bearing solution

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    Custom Roller Bearing Assemblies
  • No Rust Bearings
    "No-Rust" Bearing Housed Units

    “No-Rust” Kilian Housed Units Combine
    Corrosion-Proof Components for Extended Life
    in Difficult Applications

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Kilian is a premier manufacturer of custom, precision-machined bearings and value-added assemblies.

Founded in 1920, Kilian has grown to become one of the world’s largest producers of precision-machined bearings and value-added assemblies. Extensive application expertise and value-engineering capability allows Kilian to provide unique, cost-effective bearing solutions that meet specific customer needs around the globe.

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