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Kilian’s TS16949-certified manufacturing plant in China is ready to produce the complex precision pin or shaft for your application.

We will work with just about any material you need for your application. We typically use low, medium and high carbon steels but brass and aluminum alloys along with many different grades of stainless steel are also available. Specify the level of heat treatment you require and whether there are any plating or finishing requirements and leave the rest up to us.

Product Features

  • Excellent capabilities on products with diameters under 12mm
  • Internal capabilities for products up to 42mm maximum diameter
  • Lengths up to 600mm
  • Machining, grinding, stamping, broaching, knurling, milling, drilling
  • Heat treating for many different types of materials
  • Plating and coatings (zinc, nickel, chrome, anodizing, black oxide, and paint, to name a few)
  • No problem meeting RoHS requirements
  • Lot sizes typically 500 pieces minimum
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Product Catalog

  • Precision Machined Bearings

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