What is Kilian Manufacturing?

Kilian Facility

Kilian Manufacturing is one of the world’s largest producers of machined race bearings. We utilize our experienced engineering staff and extensive manufacturing capacity to provide custom bearing solutions and complex assemblies for customers around the globe.

With world class product development capabilities and a focus on innovation, Kilian is the premier source for custom-engineered bearings and bearing assemblies.

Frederick Kilian

Who was Frederick Kilian?

In 1920, Frederick Kilian started the company when he invented the idea of unground bearings and held the patent on this design for 25 years.

Over 100 years later, Frederick Kilian’s namesake company has earned an unequaled reputation for value engineering and customer satisfaction.

Our advanced manufacturing processes and certified quality systems have evolved over the years to keep pace with innovations in technology and an ever-shifting global economy. But the spirit of the business – crafting durable custom bearings and assemblies for difficult applications – has remain unchanged.

We are your trusted advisor

Kilian Manufacturing is your trusted advisor when it comes to bearing applications. Our engineers can custom design a multitude of solutions to meet your cost and performance objectives. Once a solution is designed, we typically will make prototypes to ensure the parts will perform to specifications. And once we test it to ensure it will meet requirements, we decide if we can manufacture it ourselves at our Syracuse or Canadian facility.

Catalog Bearings

In the event your requirements do not fit our manufacturing capabilities, we work with our partners to meet your needs. And if the requirements are outside our expanded capabilities, we will help you find someone who can make it for you.

While our main expertise is designing and manufacturing machine race bearings and bearing assemblies, we also source other types of bearings to meet the specific needs of our customers.

We can produce these bearings in varying quantities, but typically we start at lot sizes of 5,000 all the way up to several million.

We produce bearings anywhere from ¼-inch to 6-inch OD in a variety of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, and all types of plastics. Additionally, we have our own line of catalog bearings that we sell through distribution for applications and customers who only require small amounts of bearings.

No Rust Bearings

Our ability to combine bearings with other components into integrated unit assemblies provides customers with greater value than buying commercially available components and assembling these parts themselves.

Kilian is certified to both the IATF16949 standard as well as ISO 9001. We have plants in both the United States and Canada and employ about 180 people.

We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.
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