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Kilian Bearings Custom Bearing Assembly For Pallet Rack Systems

July 26, 2012 Bearings Forklift Truck
Pallet Rack Systems

A high volume pallet rack manufacturer contacted Kilian Bearings because they were having serious delivery problems with their current supplier. The manufacturer was using a high cost, fully-ground precision bearing. In addition, to make the bearing function properly in the application, seven different components needed to be assembled around the bearing, which added cost and time for the customer.

A Kilian sales engineer met with the manufacturer and analyzed exactly how the bearing was being applied in the field. Kilian quickly determined that the precision bearing the manufacturer was using was “overkill” and a customized Kilian bearing would be more appropriate for the material handling application.

The Kilian engineering team designed a custom, unitized bearing that incorporated all the previous bearing components into one piece, eliminating the need to buy and inventory several different items, as well as the assembly time that was required.

Since the new bearing design featured one component instead of seven, the company reduced bearing costs by more than 50 percent using a unitized bearing that was perfectly suited to the application.

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