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Kilian Double-Row Ball Bearing Assemblies for Laundry Service Trolley Conveyor

February 4, 2016 Bearing Assembly Bearings
Laundry Service Trolley Conveyor

A leading manufacturer of overhead conveyor systems required special bearing assemblies for its large trolley conveyors used by commercial laundry services. The system handles heavy bags of incoming soiled laundry as well as outgoing clean and pressed laundry on hangers. The bearings ride along the conveyor’s tubular steel track.

Kilian engineers developed custom bearing assemblies to meet the heavy-duty trolley conveyor system requirements. New double-row ball bearing assemblies were supplied in two versions. One was manufactured using 12L14 steel, while the other featured Nylon 6 housing material designed to significantly reduce noise when compared to the steel-on-steel bearing solution. The unique assemblies feature a V-groove housing that allows the bearings to ride smoothly over the tubular track. Both versions are designed to provide long, reliable service life.

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