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Kilian Offers Powertrain Solutions for Demanding Automotive Applications

November 3, 2016 Automotive Bearings
Kilian Automotive Powertrain Bearings

Kilian Manufacturing, Syracuse, New York, provides the world’s most advanced machined race bearings and custom engineered powertrain components that are specifically designed to meet challenging automotive OEM requirements.

Kilian designs a wide range of products such as pistons, actuator pins, detents and shift forks for a broad spectrum of automotive powertrain uses, including transmission, transfer case, shift actuation and variable cam timing applications.

Bearing design and manufacturing for vehicular transmission and transfer case applications is particularly challenging due to durability, cleanliness, and tight packaging requirements. Kilian designs overcome these challenges with time-tested designs that provide excellent performance.

Extensive application expertise and superior engineering capability allows Kilian to provide unique, value-added assembly solutions that meet specific automotive OEM customer needs around the world. The Kilian engineering process, which includes design for manufacturability, assures cost efficiency and product reliability. Skilled technicians operate best-in-class machinery. Widespread automation and electronic sensors help maintain the integrity of critical assembly operations.

Kilian’s comprehensive manufacturing capabilities include CNC precision machining, heat treating, plating, and injection molding. Kilian engineers utilize an on-site test lab for design verification as well as the most advanced technologies for solid modeling, FEA, and rapid prototyping.

For more information visit and download the new OEM Solutions for Automotive Powertrain Applications Brochure (P-8091-KM) from the Literature Portal.

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