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CB14 Conveyor Ball Bearings

Kilian Conveyor Bearings

Kilian CB-14 series conveyor bearings are specifically designed to operate quietly and dependably in the most demanding material handling applications.

CB-14 bearings combine two major features that act together to reduce the metal-to-metal contact that is a common source of noise throughout the conveyor system. A nylon retainer separates and guides the balls, while a pressed-in nylon adapter eliminates any direct contact of bearing ring with conveyor shaft. An adapter flange also acts as a bearing shield to exclude contaminants.

The entire CB-14 series has a one-piece, precision machined outer ring to prevent any spreading or splitting under load. Hardened raceways improve anti-friction performance. The ball separator design permits a speed of 2,000 rpm, higher than what could be achieved with full-complement bearings.

    • Noise Reduction - combination of nylon ball retainer and shaft adapter eliminates metal-to-metal contact, significantly reducing operating noise.
    • Easy Replacement - standard 7/16-inch hex-shaped bore interchanges with most conveyor roller bearing sizes currently in use.
    • Available from Stock - inventories of all sizes in stock for fast shipment from either factory or any Altra Industrial Motion Authorized Distributors.
    • High-Speed Operation - ball retainer permits a higher speed of 2,000 rpm that matches maximum conveyor requirements.
    • One-Piece Outer Ring - precision machined from solid, hardened steel, outer ring will not spread or split like fabricated designs.
    • Total Value Package - a dependable, low-cost choice with the best combination of features for retrofit applications or new designs.
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