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Rear Hold Open/Power Lift Gate Assemblies | Kilian Manufacturing

For more than 30 years, ever since the first minivans and SUVs were introduced, Kilian has been the global leader in the design and manufacture of custom bearings used in rear door hold open and power lift gate applications. Our long and deep experience with all major OEMs makes Kilian uniquely qualified to design and support bearing solutions for these challenging applications.

Product Features

  • Over 90 years of experience in providing customized design solutions
  • Over 30 years of experience making automotive rear door hold-open and power lift gate bearings
  • Robust ISO/IATF 16949 Quality System
  • Custom-designed materials, heat treatment, lubrication and part geometry
  • Durability testing to baseline design performance
  • FEA analysis to accelerate and validate the development process
  • Project management expertise
  • Talented design engineers who become part of your engineering team
  • Highly skilled non-union workforce
  • Value-added product features, such as integral attachment mechanisms and injection molded components
  • High volume capability from our Syracuse, NY facility

Key Considerations

  • Bearing design and manufacturing for vehicular rear door hold-open applications are particularly challenging due to the required compactness and durability of the designs. Power lift gate applications require a compact bearing design that supports the thrust loading and correctly facilitates the gear meshing within the mechanism. Kilian overcomes these application challenges with time-tested designs that provide excellent performance.
  • Bearings are specifically designed for the unique application parameters.
  • Materials, heat treatment, plating, lubrication and part geometry are selected for each component based on application criteria.
  • Proprietary lubrications, engineered plastics, custom race geometries, and electroplating are individually specified to satisfy each customer’s unique performance requirements.
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