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Kilian Custom Assemblies

In Kilian vocabulary "custom" doesn’t have to mean "expensive." Kilian specializes in combining innovative bearing technology with detailed knowledge of industry requirements to optimize a custom design for any application.

With equipment and processes geared for maximum flexibility and quick change-over, we can produce a unique design in quantities as small as 5,000 pieces. Kilian has developed bearing products such as strut bearings, shift detents, planetary sets and other designs for demanding automotive and industrial applications.

  • Kilian significantly reduces total product costs by incorporating the shaft, housing or gear into the bearing design—reducing the number of components to one integral assembly, decreasing cost while improving product performance
  • The single unit assembly is easier to order, schedule and install
  • Kilian supplies complete subassemblies—custom-engineered and ready for installation
  • Kilian bearing solutions can save considerable time and expense while enhancing your end product’s quality and reliability
We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.
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