Kilian Manufacturing

Seating System Assemblies


Kilian is a major global supplier of bearings used in demanding automotive seating applications. We specialize in applications where low seat rolling effort is the primary performance objective, such as in second-row seat mechanisms that must operate with low efforts to gain access to the third row of seats. In these applications, Kilian offers superior design solutions featuring custom-engineered, full-compliment ball bearings that provide quiet, durable, and smooth operation. In addition, Kilian's huge production capability is able to handle the high volumes typically associated with these projects.

  • Over 90 years of experience in providing customized design solutions
  • Robust ISO/IATF 16949 Quality System
  • FEA analysis to accelerate and validate the development process
  • Durability testing to baseline design performance
  • Custom-designed materials, heat treatment, lubrication and part geometry
  • Project management expertise Talented design engineers who become part of your engineering team
  • High volume capability from our Syracuse, NY facility
  • Highly skilled non-union workforce
  • Value-added product features, such as integral attachment mechanisms and injection molded components

Key Considerations

  • Bearings are designed specifically for the unique application parameters.
  • Materials, heat treatment, plating, lubrication and part geometry are selected for each component based on application criteria.
  • Seating applications are particularly challenging bearing applications due to the inherent variation in these systems, which are typically made up of non-precision stampings. Kilian bearings overcome many of these challenges with time-tested designs that provide excellent performance, even in conditions that result in bearing misalignment.
  • Proprietary lubrications, engineered plastics, custom race geometries, and electroplating are individually specified to satisfy each customer's unique performance requirements.
We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.
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