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Kilian Bearings Custom Precison Track Roller Bearing RV Room Slide-Outs

A company that supplies recreational vehicle manufacturers with a mechanism used on RV room slide-outs was using a precision track roller bearing as part of the assembly. The bearings, by design, were through-hardened, which was causing the track rollers to crack and fail. Kilian engineers inspected the bearings and the assembly and determined the root cause of the failure. The Kilian team then created a customized track roller bearing for the slide-out mechanism.

The design was tested extensively by Kilian and by the manufacturer. The modified Kilian bearing design saved significant costs for the manufacturer. The new part was less expensive and also reduced the downtime and warranty issues that were occurring in the field due to the slide-out difficulties.

The RV manufacturer and dealers were also pleased with the fix as their reputations were on the line because of the frequent slide-out failures. Due to the success of the track roller bearing, the manufacturer has since pursued more business with Kilian.

Kilian Track Roller Bearing


  • Custom bearing assembly solution
  • Reduced warranty repairs
  • Reduced costs

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