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Kilian Bearings Lightweight Pulley Bearing For Greenhouse Track Lighting System

A large greenhouse OEM needed a bearing assembly that would effectively control the movement of their track lighting system used in their greenhouses.

The Kilian team assessed and analyzed exactly how the new bearing design should be applied as well as the environmental factors that would affect the bearing.

Kilian came up with a lightweight, durable plastic pulley bearing that would be able to handle the movement of the track lighting system in the high temperature and humidity environment. Kilian conducted in-house testing on numerous designs before proposing the recommended solution.

Prototypes were supplied to the customer for testing and validation which proved to be successful. The customer was extremely pleased with Kilian’s engineering, innovation and support.

Lightweight Pulley Bearing


  • Lightweight, durable plastic bearing assembly
  • Designed to withstand high heat and humidity

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