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Kilian Custom Bearing Assemblies for Commercial Dishwashers

A leading U.S. commercial dishwasher manufacturer needed a cam follower bearing solution for its conveyor-fed dishwashers. The bearings are installed on conveyor rollers that move racks of dishes, glassware and silverware through the machine.

After reviewing the OEM-provided print, Kilian supplied a print of a bearing design similar to what the OEM was using. Ultimately, the OEM liked the Kilian solution better than the bearing design originally requested.

The Kilian assembly is sealed to prevent moisture and debris from getting into the bearings. Units feature an integral stud with a hex socket for easy installation. Kilian quoted the bearings, supplied samples and received an order, all within a two-week span. This allowed the OEM to meet production schedules and get their dishwashers to market quickly.

dishwasher custom bearings


  • Custom-engineered bearing assemblies
  • Sealed bearings for moisture and debris protection
  • Integral stud with a hex socket for easy installation
  • Fast delivery

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Syracuse, NY 13206
Phone: 1-315-432-0700