The Advantages of Having a “Trusted Advisor” When You Need Help With Your Bearing Applications

Kilian Manufacturing wants to be your trusted advisor when it comes to solving challenges in your rolling and sliding applications. Our expertise is honed through a dedicated engineering team that utilizes Kilian's 100+ years of experience in the design and development of custom bearing solutions.

Custom Engineered Solutions

We've designed custom-engineered solutions for thousands of customers with all different types of applications in every kind of environment. We like to work with our customers from the design stage through production, supporting your engineering teams the entire way to ensure you end up with the optimal, most cost-effective solution.

Machined-Race Bearings

Perhaps what Kilian is most known for is being one of the world's leading producers of custom machined race bearings and assemblies. We've perfected a version of unground bearings that performs flawlessly in the field, helping our customers get the results they need at a price they can afford.

Custom Assemblies

Kilian is also known for attaching the bearings we produce to brackets, allowing our customers to purchase custom assemblies so they don't have to assemble the different components themselves. This creates enormous value for our customers as they can now simply purchase one part number and get a design solution that makes it easier for them to manage and utilize in their production environment.

Machining Capability & Supply Chain

Our support doesn't stop at designing the solution - we will find a way to produce what we've created in our own factories by using our machining capability as well as getting support through our certified supply chain to help with special processes such as heat treating, plating, anodizing, passivation, e-coating, molding, etc. 

Skilled Assembly Team

Our skilled assembly team can put bearings together or even assemble those bearings onto brackets. Talk about value! Instead of purchasing multiple components and putting them together, customers need only purchase one part number.

In-House Product Testing

Before you launch your product, we offer in-house product testing. Our testing ensures the designs we create together will stand up to the challenges bearings may face in the field. Whether it be a durability test, torque at various temperature test, impact test, push-out test, corrosion study, etc., we have all different types of equipment to ensure the product will work as intended before your product launch.

Commitment to Quality

Kilian is both IATF:16949 and ISO9001 certified, making millions of products each year. Our quality is second to none, and you can count on getting parts that meet your requirements every time.

We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.
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